Wrote a new short article:

20% Faster Python with a Single GC Tweak

Your Python GC settings are wrong and they are hurting your performance.

If you #python, you'll find it concise and helpful I'm sure:


아니 사람들이 마스토돈 전혀 모르니까 사용자 수 보고 인스턴스 결정할라고 그러는데 그런 걸로 결정하면 안됨... 진짜 중요한 기준은 따로 있음

이모지 보고 골라야지 당연히

We're hiring a Community Events Manager! Looking for someone who's interested in event-planning and open source to join our remote, US-based team. The role comes with solid benefits and lovely co-workers.


You can see the PSF membership roster here:

If they're not on this list, then you should write up the nomination.

It's basically an email saying "I'm nominating X for PSF Fellow (or PSF Community Service Award) because of their significant contributions to the Python community, such as ... ".

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Whenever I think "This person in the Python community is so awesome, surely they've already received the Community Service award/already a PSF fellow member", and when I looked into it, turns out I was wrong.

Then I make it right by actually writing up the PSF Fellow/Community Service award nomination for them so that they'll be properly recognized.

You too can nominate people who are doing great work in the #Python community! PSF Fellow nominations are due Nov 20!


@yyc @darjeeling I still get this after all this years. Often I'll think "there's nothing that I know is worth sharing" or a different version "everyone already knows this" 🎃

Rust로 만든 함수형 하드웨어 기술 언어 논문 공개했습니다: cp.kaist.ac.kr/#publications 🙂

(ASPLOS 2023) ShakeFlow: Functional Hardware Description with Latency-Insensitive Interface Combinators.
Sungsoo Han*, Minseong Jang*, Jeehoon Kang (*: co-first authors in alphabetical order).
The International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (to appear).

actually. I think it's problem of education system and asia culture.
so minors don't want to make failure in professional conference.
actually PyCon KR is not so professional conference.
I don't know why but people think so.

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I just got idea about diversity for PyCon KR.
make another for junior level.

as I heard from my mentee, junior conference running recently got proper ratio for minors

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