Once a month we'll have an open learning session called LearnDay. The next one is next week: lalokalabs.co/en/events/learnd

You are all invited to join and have fun with us!

Hey you out there, organizer of Python meetups and / or conferences: Are you a managing member of the PSF yet (python.org/psf/membership-faq/)? If not, your work very likely already meets the requirements to become one, and doing so will let you vote in the upcoming PSF board elections.

"Don't worry. There's not much difference between a girl 👧 and a boy 👦" - Mika, Tachikawa Stage Garden, 2023-05-24

You gotta break a few billionaires to make a well-functioning society.

This is where George Orwell stayed when he visited Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War.

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Are you curious about developer advocacy work?
I share my journey as a #devrel in the data science space with @ploomber.

Check it out!

#Jupyter #SQL #MLOps #Avocado

The New York City Public Library which I missed to visit this time.

I've written my thoughts down for . The 5 days meeting with "my nakama" was an intense experience and worth the 12H trip and jetlag. Thank you for your company, thoughts, ideas and friendship. Good work to @ThePSF and all the people in between that made it possible.

Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue Of Liberty in the distance 🗽

Hey @PyConUS folks - i'm continuing to add speaker photos between talks! you can see them all over here: brandfolder.com/ben-berry/pyco

If you're in a picture and would like other shots, uncropped, or raw format feel free to DM me!
#PyConUS #PyCon #PyCon2023

@Thepsf grant spending by continents, wow! That said we need more global spread! Have a #Python event you think that’d be great for @Thepsf? Learn more about our grants program python.org/psf/grants/ @pycon #PyConUS2023

The Call for Proposal for is officially open here: pretalx.com/pyconapac2023/cfp

We look forward to your proposals! 💕

I will be in Salt Lake City for from Apr 19 and on to New York City after that. My DM and email is open if anyone is interested to meetup.
🐍 🐍 🐍

@pycon you would definitely increase the level of inclusiveness of PyCon US 2023 if you could start posting news again on this account as well 🫂

Thank you 🙏

#PyConUS2023 #PyConUS #PyCon

@paulox Thanks! We're having PyCon APAC in Tokyo from Oct 26th to Oct 29th 2023. Hope to see many of you kind folks there! 🇯🇵 🗼

Updated: The upcoming PyCons within East, South East and South Asia:

11-13 Aug: PyCon KR 🇰🇷
17-19 Aug (Tentative): PyCon SG 🇸🇬
26 Aug : PyCon MY 🇲🇾
2-3 Sep: PyCon TW 🇹🇼
29 Sept- 2 Oct (Tentative): PyCon IN 🇮🇳
26-29 Oct (Tentative): PyCon APAC (by PyCon JP) 🇯🇵
Oct/Nov (Tentative): PyCon HK 🇭🇰
Nov (Tentative): PyCon ID 🇮🇩

How the heck do you open source folks handle a full-time gig, children, a social life AND open source contributions?! I only have one and a half of those things and I always find myself wanting to do more.

Seriously, every one of you are impressive.

Haraldur "Halli" Þorleifsson is the employee Elon is currently making fun of on Twitter. He has muscular dystrophy.

He's won multiple Person of the Year awards from Icelandic media outlets for his efforts to build wheelchair ramps across the country and his charitable givings during the holidays.

When his design firm Ueno was acquired by Twitter in 2021, he opted to be paid the sale price through wages rather than receiving stock that would be taxed at the much lower capital gains tax rate.

His employment contract wasn't that of a typical employee, nor is his termination. Twitter now owes him the entirety of his outstanding sale payment.


#Twitter #ElonMusk #Musk #HaraldurÞorleifsson #Þorleifsson #Halli #Iceland #Tech #Ueno #Employment #Contracts #Ableism #Discrimination

I got laid off yesterday. We'll be ok, but it still sucks. Tough time to be on the market.

I'm giving myself space this week, but applied to a role yesterday 🤞🏻

Looking for roles in open source as a senior IC, management in a larger org, or nonprofit leadership. I'm most known for partnerships, community building, nonprofit operations, and program management, and I hold my own in compliance and media relations. :boost_requested:

Resume etc: joshsimmons.com

#OpenSource #GetFediHired

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