And now the second half of my trip report for Malaysia, this time on the the historic city of Melaka

@chadkoh I hope you enjoyed Melaka. I have family there and spend a few weeks in a year when I can.

In the end, like all Malaysians, we come to Melaka for the food.

Those things some of us call "tuk-tuks", those are "beca" (pronounced bay-cha). You can find tuk-tuk in Thailand.

@iqbalabd oh interesting! I saw them referred to as “trishaw” but maybe that is more of an English thing. The food was the best!


@chadkoh "Trishaw" would work, but sounds colonial. "Can I hire your beca?" would give you street cred. Maybe even your choice of boom music with the ride! 😁 🇲🇾

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