@inkstainedmags I think I read somewhere someone wrote "You can ignore politics but it will not ignore you".
As you wrote, not participating is a political choice and stance, and if you do that, someone else will participate and make decisions for you. 🗣️

@yyc @imrehg Do we have the css or image we can use available anywhere?

@mitsuhiko Instead of giving interviews, normally people go to jail in these cases.

Now I know it is the fediverse and get ready to reside on mastodon. This post introduces myself.

I write code to crunch numbers. I like and the community, and enjoy seeing through the abstraction to the making of the circuit. I hope more and more people code for engineering and science in and around the world, and would like to invite you to check out the events we hold with : sciwork.dev .

In the hope we don't lose the great #python community on twitter, I've created a list of interesting Python people to follow on Twitter and Mastodon.🧑‍🤝‍🧑


If you know of anyone I've missed, please comment. 🙏

And here's the list of past PSF Community service award recipients: python.org/community/awards/ps
If there's someone who you think deserve an award and not yet on this page, then nominate them.

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You can see the PSF membership roster here:

If they're not on this list, then you should write up the nomination.

It's basically an email saying "I'm nominating X for PSF Fellow (or PSF Community Service Award) because of their significant contributions to the Python community, such as ... ".

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@sam I'm sure Chicago can give you a better deal than that. What would Chicago want that we can give for a little bit more sun? 🌤️

@yyc @darjeeling I still get this after all this years. Often I'll think "there's nothing that I know is worth sharing" or a different version "everyone already knows this" 🎃

@iqbalabd @darjeeling I am trying to create local training resources for open-source code development and project presentation. I would be interested in similar efforts in the regions. Please let me know if you are aware of something like that.

@darjeeling @yyc Hmm. I think this will be a good initiative. I personally have not heard of something similar from other communities, i.e a specific space to nurture newcomers as event organizers and speakers. But I am sure it is a common problem for all communities. Will be interesting to show case. 🙆‍♂️

You’re not the product anymore. You’re a community member in your host’s ad-free server they pay for. There’s no venture capitalist payday coming for them. Everything you do here costs your host a little bit of money. Find out how you can chip in.

@yyc @darjeeling Depending on what we want to achieve, giving space like this would be effective i.e DjangoGirls and PyLadies are good spaces for women to be comfortable. So having an event for less experienced community members might give them confidence to manage and participate in a conference. Buy was that the issue in the first place?

I'm proud to tell you that next Saturday November 19th 2022 📅 we'll host #DjangoGirls 👩‍💻 for the first time in #Pescara 🐬🇮🇹

We'll hold a #workshop, inclusive for #women, to take first steps with #Python :python: and #Django :django:

I thank #GDGPescara 🌉 who accepted my proposal this summer to host DjangoGirls within the #DevFest2022 🎉 and the fantastic #FuzzyBrains 🧠 team for helping us in every step of the organization 🙏


More info 👇

@ericholscher @adrian

Eric, so you mind pointing to some resources on how to setup ML and teach models that can help us also implement categorization? 🙏

@yyc It is. I think we need to edit the css and upload the graphic somewhere to change the wallpaper of the UI. Anyway, that will be an interesting weekend project one of these days. ⌨️

@yyc Ah, OK. The Mastodon at the bottom you mean? I think that is changeable but I don't know how yet... 😂

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