@AlSweigart Right?? And I just can't believe how many people get it wrong all the time!

@chadkoh If I remember correctly, there is a pebble or a rock at that shrine which is the model for the Kimigayo.

Updated: The upcoming PyCons within East, South East and South Asia:

11-13 Aug: PyCon KR 🇰🇷
17-19 Aug (Tentative): PyCon SG 🇸🇬
26 Aug : PyCon MY 🇲🇾
2-3 Sep: PyCon TW 🇹🇼
29 Sept- 2 Oct (Tentative): PyCon IN 🇮🇳
26-29 Oct (Tentative): PyCon APAC (by PyCon JP) 🇯🇵
Oct/Nov (Tentative): PyCon HK 🇭🇰
Nov (Tentative): PyCon ID 🇮🇩

How the heck do you open source folks handle a full-time gig, children, a social life AND open source contributions?! I only have one and a half of those things and I always find myself wanting to do more.

Seriously, every one of you are impressive.

Haraldur "Halli" Þorleifsson is the employee Elon is currently making fun of on Twitter. He has muscular dystrophy.

He's won multiple Person of the Year awards from Icelandic media outlets for his efforts to build wheelchair ramps across the country and his charitable givings during the holidays.

When his design firm Ueno was acquired by Twitter in 2021, he opted to be paid the sale price through wages rather than receiving stock that would be taxed at the much lower capital gains tax rate.

His employment contract wasn't that of a typical employee, nor is his termination. Twitter now owes him the entirety of his outstanding sale payment.


#Twitter #ElonMusk #Musk #HaraldurÞorleifsson #Þorleifsson #Halli #Iceland #Tech #Ueno #Employment #Contracts #Ableism #Discrimination

I got laid off yesterday. We'll be ok, but it still sucks. Tough time to be on the market.

I'm giving myself space this week, but applied to a role yesterday 🤞🏻

Looking for roles in open source as a senior IC, management in a larger org, or nonprofit leadership. I'm most known for partnerships, community building, nonprofit operations, and program management, and I hold my own in compliance and media relations. :boost_requested:

Resume etc: joshsimmons.com

#OpenSource #GetFediHired

@TOrynski Is this a joke? I don't quite get how to interpret this either? 🤔

@chadkoh "Trishaw" would work, but sounds colonial. "Can I hire your beca?" would give you street cred. Maybe even your choice of boom music with the ride! 😁 🇲🇾

@chadkoh I hope you enjoyed Melaka. I have family there and spend a few weeks in a year when I can.

In the end, like all Malaysians, we come to Melaka for the food.

Those things some of us call "tuk-tuks", those are "beca" (pronounced bay-cha). You can find tuk-tuk in Thailand.

I think Google Maps knows something about me that I don't know. 😅

@mariatta In my part of the world we also say "Aiyo" as an acceptable variation.

Marlene will join us to talk about the power of representation and its ability to help us move beyond our present circumstances!

Read more about her and the full abstract on our website! pycon.it/keynotes/transcendenc

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@AlSweigart I've never used an iPhone either. But if you're using a MacBook, having an iPhone also makes it easier for you to do stuff (and get caught in the ecosystem).

Curious about becoming a member of @ThePSF ?

@georgically and I prepared a new representation of the different role types.
Do you volunteer more than 60hours a year in the Python Ecosystem? Sing up!

Join our Diversity and Inclusion chat and learn more: events.hubilo.com/dni-friendly

📊 psf.github.io/diversity-and-in

#thepsf #thepsfmembership #diversityandinclusion

@ves I don't understand this either. They are producing profit, and not only the past year but past years so you'll have all that profit that should last you a few years. You can reduce the dividends being paid, and maybe cut on costs such as discretionary expenses. But why do they retrench people first?

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