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You can see the PSF membership roster here:

If they're not on this list, then you should write up the nomination.

It's basically an email saying "I'm nominating X for PSF Fellow (or PSF Community Service Award) because of their significant contributions to the Python community, such as ... ".

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@iqbalabd @darjeeling I am trying to create local training resources for open-source code development and project presentation. I would be interested in similar efforts in the regions. Please let me know if you are aware of something like that.

You’re not the product anymore. You’re a community member in your host’s ad-free server they pay for. There’s no venture capitalist payday coming for them. Everything you do here costs your host a little bit of money. Find out how you can chip in.

I'm proud to tell you that next Saturday November 19th 2022 📅 we'll host #DjangoGirls 👩‍💻 for the first time in #Pescara 🐬🇮🇹

We'll hold a #workshop, inclusive for #women, to take first steps with #Python :python: and #Django :django:

I thank #GDGPescara 🌉 who accepted my proposal this summer to host DjangoGirls within the #DevFest2022 🎉 and the fantastic #FuzzyBrains 🧠 team for helping us in every step of the organization 🙏


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Just a heads up, when folks see things about #FediVerified

A nice thing here is that you can verify yourself! And no, I'm not trying to say that it's untrustworthy.

If you have a link in your bio, and then you have a rel="me" link at that other site (some social networks allow this, some don't), then Mastodon will show your link as verified.

So sure, this could be someone impersonating me, but it's much less likely considering the personal domain proof.

Finding people on Mastodon is hard. Just like the old days. You need to know their addresses. 😁

Mastodon for Python Asia Organization is up. 皆さん、ようこそ

Python Asia Mastodon

Python Asia Mastodon is a community of Python users and developers within the Asia region.