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Curious about becoming a member of @ThePSF ?

@georgically and I prepared a new representation of the different role types.
Do you volunteer more than 60hours a year in the Python Ecosystem? Sing up!

Join our Diversity and Inclusion chat and learn more:


#thepsf #thepsfmembership #diversityandinclusion

Google - 10,000 (market cap $1.3T, Q3 2022 profit $13.9B)
Microsoft - 10,000 (market cap $1.8T, Q2 2022 profit $34.6B)
Amazon - 18,000 (market cap $992B, Q2 2022 profit $16.7B)
Salesforce - 8,000 (market cap $151B, Q2 2022 profit $5.6B)
Facebook - 1,000 (market cap $365B, Q2 2022 profit $22B)

None of those companies are even close to struggling and yet they'll throw people to the wolves.

:python: If your talk was not accepted at PyCon US 2023 🇺🇸 you have the opportunity to submit it to PyCon Italia 2023 🇮🇹

PyCon Italia will take place from 25 to 28 May 2023 in Florence 🍝🍷

The CFP deadline has been postponed to 19 January 2023 AoE 📅

Submit your proposal 👇

FYI if you also plan to attend DjangoCon Europe which starts on 29 May 2023 know that there is a direct flight from Florence to Edinburgh 💡

CC @pycon

#PyCon #PyConItalia #DjangoCon #DjangoConEurope

Cambridge University Press has released all the History books in its “Cambridge Elements” series.
They’re all #OpenAccess, available for download in PDF until Wednesday, January 11.

Join the PSF's Diversity and Inclusion work group on the 31st of January for a friendly chat! 🐍 🌍 This will be the first in a series of quarterly meetings sharing news and information about the Python community around the world.

Register here

EDIT: I have found housing until March. I also think I have a job. So I should be okay! The below is kept for historical reasons.

I'm an autistic trans femme at risk of becoming homeless.

Anyone in #Seattle willing to take in a #roommate? I just got dumped so I don't have anywhere to go after February. I do have a (meagre) $1000/mo disability income, and I probably have a job lined up.

Alternatively, anyone know where I can live for < $1000 a month? Doesn't have to be the Ritz, just a roof.

EDIT: I am not moving back to Oklahoma under any circumstance. I do not want the state to do what they're doing in Texas, with the AG literally doxxing trans people.

If you can't help with being a roommate, you can help by financially contributing to my deposit fund. or $TheRealElizafox (CashApp).

PLEASE BOOST I absolutely need help here

Your reminder that you don’t have to spend tomorrow updating years in copyright notices:

Check out @ThePSF Board Timeline!

One can see that starting with 2014 the diversity on the board has started improving. Moreover
there are lots of new people getting elected on the board each year.

The first terms are highlighted in bright colors.

The PSF Diversity & Inclusion group is preparing a really cool event on January 31. Save the date! 🗓

Interactive chart on @observablehq

#thepsf #python #boardmembers #dataviz


Ever wondered about the development in the board elections of @ThePSF over the past years?

Did you know that there are 3 types of PSF members who can vote? Fellows, Contributing or Managing, and Supporting?

The PSF Diversity & Inclusion group is preparing a really cool event where you can ask anything about all these things.

We will announce it soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime dive into this interactive chart on @observablehq

#thepsf #python #boardelections

Looks like today's Argentina 🇦🇷 GDP is basically zero 😉

RT @dennyperez18
🚨¿Necesita ayuda financiera para ir a #PyConUS 2023 ?🐍

PyCon US tiene un programa de becas financiado por #PSF y @pyladies . Los beneficiarios de las becas reciben apoyo financiero para algunos o todos sus gastos.

Aplica aquí👇

#PyLadies 👩‍💻

Well this has come to a head. In order to protest AI image generators stealing artists work to train AI models, the artists are deliberately generating AI art based on the IP of corporations that are most sensitive to protecting it.

Who knew the first AI battles would be fought by artists?

Alt text: pictures contain images of AI generated images of Disney, Nintendo, DC, and Marvel characters.

PSA: If you want to attend , the travel grant is opened:

If you need more than $2000 for travel you can still apply and they will try to help case by case. Make sure you have communicated that to the committee.

Tickets are on sale, please secure your spot!!

Business (medium to large): N$3000
Business (small): N$1500
Personal: N$400
Student/unwaged: N$150
For more:

#PyConNA23 #PyConNamibia2023 #PyConNamibia23

The @pycon call for proposals ends on December 9th, 2022 AoE. We accept tutorials on a variety of skills, libraries, and technologies and are *always* interested in hearing about new topics. 

Accepted tutorials will be held in person April 19-20, 2023, in Salt Lake City, UT. Travel grants are available and an honorarium is provided.

Check out all the details here!

Now I know it is the fediverse and get ready to reside on mastodon. This post introduces myself.

I write code to crunch numbers. I like and the community, and enjoy seeing through the abstraction to the making of the circuit. I hope more and more people code for engineering and science in and around the world, and would like to invite you to check out the events we hold with : .

In the hope we don't lose the great #python community on twitter, I've created a list of interesting Python people to follow on Twitter and Mastodon.🧑‍🤝‍🧑

If you know of anyone I've missed, please comment. 🙏

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