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Now I know it is the fediverse and get ready to reside on mastodon. This post introduces myself.

I write code to crunch numbers. I like and the community, and enjoy seeing through the abstraction to the making of the circuit. I hope more and more people code for engineering and science in and around the world, and would like to invite you to check out the events we hold with : .

Updated: The upcoming PyCons within East, South East and South Asia:

11-13 Aug: PyCon KR 🇰🇷
17-19 Aug (Tentative): PyCon SG 🇸🇬
26 Aug : PyCon MY 🇲🇾
2-3 Sep: PyCon TW 🇹🇼
29 Sept- 2 Oct (Tentative): PyCon IN 🇮🇳
26-29 Oct (Tentative): PyCon APAC (by PyCon JP) 🇯🇵
Oct/Nov (Tentative): PyCon HK 🇭🇰
Nov (Tentative): PyCon ID 🇮🇩

The second week in spring. It will be about numpy, the first dip in arrays.

PyConUS 2023 schedule released and keynote speakers revealed!!! 🤩
I'm proud to present @willingc @dontusethsicode @mmitchell_ai @nedbat as our keynote speakers.
Don't miss special appearances by Python Steering Council and Guido van Rossum

#PyConUS #PyConUS2023 #PyCon

And we have @ThePSF, @pyconasia, and many pycons around the world. They are great and let's do more of those!

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It is such an honor to be elected as a @ThePSF fellow!

It took me a while to digest the news and realize what it means to my work. I am very grateful to be part of the community and recognized for what I like and care about!

When building PyCon Taiwan, we wanted it to be organized by the community for the community.

It is a great way to practice programming and we will continue to do it.

Curious about becoming a member of @ThePSF ?

@georgically and I prepared a new representation of the different role types.
Do you volunteer more than 60hours a year in the Python Ecosystem? Sing up!

Join our Diversity and Inclusion chat and learn more:


#thepsf #thepsfmembership #diversityandinclusion

This is important — closing Central #Madrid to cars over holidays resulted in a 9.5% boost in retail spending on its main shopping street: STUDY.

There was also a 71% drop in air pollution.

Via @carltonreid in Forbes. #citymakingmath #citiesforpeople #cities #cars #streets #urbanism #Spain

很多事情都是當年有作就太好了。比如說照貓咪的時候靠近一點。比如說註冊 twitter 的時候選個字數少一點的 handle。

mastodon rocks

It’s certainly more interesting to reinvent the whole wagon than the wheels alone.

核融合 (fusion) 作到 energy breakeven 了!雖然很早就能在實驗室重現,但無法穩定輸出超過輸入的能量,只能當作「有趣的物理現象」。


PSA: If you want to attend , the travel grant is opened:

If you need more than $2000 for travel you can still apply and they will try to help case by case. Make sure you have communicated that to the committee.

It's not wrong to make a component reasonable. But users do not care about it, especially those who paid handsomely.





對稍微複雜一點的軟體來說,能寫程式的 AI 還沒有直接的用處。用戶不知道他們需要什麼,需求都是猜的。就算唸得出咒語,離真實的需求還是差了一大段。
另外不知道 AI 產生程式的能源消耗比肉身高還是低?

我這兩天遇到想報名某個研討會,但是在報名列表裡面找不到台灣的問題。這個 issue 我在七月的時候已經寫信給主辦單位,然後對方沒有回,這兩天看到報名截止倒數的通知信,有點不高興的付了比正常票價更少的費用然後隨便選了泰國報名(它是採建議售價但自由付費的機制,所以還可以用錢錢抗議),然後上推特 tag 主辦單位詢問他們是採用哪個列表。

因為推特上有朋友看到,開始幫忙 tag 可能有關係的人,tag 來 tag 去,主辦單位道歉但回覆他們採用的列表是 "official U.S. listing of Independent States in the World" 到這邊其實抱怨的心情已經減少很多了,而是我知道應該有別的列表可以用只是我不確定是哪個,這時候回想起之前 @clkao 寫了 iso 列表有關的文章,但我很慚愧地承認,因為我覺得這是開發者有關的事,所以沒有很仔細讀。


議題就是如果你不夠關心,遲早會逮著機會遇到你。引一句 poga 的 toot:「所有的議題跟生活的根源都是政治」。


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