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Now I know it is the fediverse and get ready to reside on mastodon. This post introduces myself.

I write code to crunch numbers. I like and the community, and enjoy seeing through the abstraction to the making of the circuit. I hope more and more people code for engineering and science in and around the world, and would like to invite you to check out the events we hold with : .


對稍微複雜一點的軟體來說,能寫程式的 AI 還沒有直接的用處。用戶不知道他們需要什麼,需求都是猜的。就算唸得出咒語,離真實的需求還是差了一大段。
另外不知道 AI 產生程式的能源消耗比肉身高還是低?

我這兩天遇到想報名某個研討會,但是在報名列表裡面找不到台灣的問題。這個 issue 我在七月的時候已經寫信給主辦單位,然後對方沒有回,這兩天看到報名截止倒數的通知信,有點不高興的付了比正常票價更少的費用然後隨便選了泰國報名(它是採建議售價但自由付費的機制,所以還可以用錢錢抗議),然後上推特 tag 主辦單位詢問他們是採用哪個列表。

因為推特上有朋友看到,開始幫忙 tag 可能有關係的人,tag 來 tag 去,主辦單位道歉但回覆他們採用的列表是 "official U.S. listing of Independent States in the World" 到這邊其實抱怨的心情已經減少很多了,而是我知道應該有別的列表可以用只是我不確定是哪個,這時候回想起之前 @clkao 寫了 iso 列表有關的文章,但我很慚愧地承認,因為我覺得這是開發者有關的事,所以沒有很仔細讀。


議題就是如果你不夠關心,遲早會逮著機會遇到你。引一句 poga 的 toot:「所有的議題跟生活的根源都是政治」。


With Mastodon, you can add an additional link to your project's official documentation and make it appear as "verified" 💯. Here's how to add a verified link to your #Sphinx project ⬇️

Is there a simpler way to print the path of a Python package than the following one-liner?

python3 -c "import os, PySide6; print(os.path.dirname(PySide6.__file__))"


Stating a request clearly needs a lot of efforts but is an undervalued skill. Sometimes it’s easier to just code it up.

Want to help redesign one of the most popular and widely-used tools for researchers?

Zotero is hiring a designer:

Would do it if I could. Ideal for someone else who has great UX / product design chops.

Every time the students are surprised by the consequences of calling shared pointer constructor multiple times with the same raw pointer.

"Most texts on Differential Geometry pay scant attention to such practical matters ... In sharp contrast, in this book we urge you to explore the ideas by all means possible: theoretical contemplation, drawing, computer experiments, and (especially!) physical experiments with actual surfaces. Your **local fruit and vegetable shop** can supply your laboratory with many interesting shapes."

I love this book.

I may be a right way to virtual reality.

學生在初學使用 github 交作業的時候,常常只提交結果,而未包含產生結果的程式碼。版本控制的目的在於紀錄工作內容,程式碼或指令稿是重要的過程,應該儘量納入,以便往後追蹤問題。



I have the same nostalgia. And it seems that the right way to "retoot" is to copy a link?

Users are simple. They want problems get solved and do not care about the physics, math, politics, architecture, technologies, and programming languages. If they don't even care about the cost, and thus the price of the solutions, they are perfect users.

Do you write "if (0 == value)" or "if value == 0"?

In code mixing C++ and Python I use the constant-first style universally so that a reader knows that I want to have better detection of typos by the compilers.

Interested in packaging your C/C++ Python extension simple, standard way? Join us for the first scikit-build community meeting Nov. 18th, at 12:00 PM EST.
I will be discussing my work on the next-gen PEP-centered scikit-build-core! #python #scikitbuild #cmake

#Python 3.6 is the new 2.7 in terms of people not being willing to let go. 😅

Python 3.6 is no longer supported upstream, so unless you're paying someone for Python support you are not getting security fixes (and haven't since last year). And if you're thinking of upgrading to 3.7, understand that you're so far behind at this point that 3.7 reaches EOL in about 8 months (June 2023), so you should probably target Python 3.8 at minimum if you're still on 3.6.

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