I just got idea about diversity for PyCon KR.
make another for junior level.

as I heard from my mentee, junior conference running recently got proper ratio for minors

@darjeeling how would you descibe the seniority (or juniority) of the TA?

@yyc IMHO, job seeker and below 3 or 5 years.
I think it's kind of removing barrier of taking mistake.

@darjeeling More events are good in all aspects that I can think of. They bring more opportunities to learn and network. The challenge is to make them happen without burning out quickly.

@yyc @darjeeling Depending on what we want to achieve, giving space like this would be effective i.e DjangoGirls and PyLadies are good spaces for women to be comfortable. So having an event for less experienced community members might give them confidence to manage and participate in a conference. Buy was that the issue in the first place?

@iqbalabd @yyc I heard from the mentee. i think let them get more experience and drop the fear

@darjeeling @yyc Hmm. I think this will be a good initiative. I personally have not heard of something similar from other communities, i.e a specific space to nurture newcomers as event organizers and speakers. But I am sure it is a common problem for all communities. Will be interesting to show case. 🙆‍♂️

@iqbalabd @darjeeling shying away from sharing is commonplace. Practice casts it away.


@iqbalabd @darjeeling I am trying to create local training resources for open-source code development and project presentation. I would be interested in similar efforts in the regions. Please let me know if you are aware of something like that.

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